Recipes From Chef Susan Holding’s Spring Tea Party

Spring Tea Party

May 14, 2009 


    400 gm melted butter
    8 eggs
    340 gm granulated sugar
    1 pinch salt
    20 gm honey
    10 gm baking powder
    360 gm flour
    lemon zest, herbs de Provence 

Melt butter and allow solids to settle to bottom on container. 

Mix sugar and eggs in mixer until light and fluffy.  Add zest and herbs, salt and baking powder, and honey, mix gently.

Fold in flour with spatula, then slowly add butter leaving as much of the butter solids in bottom of bowl as possible.   Once mixed, allow to chill slightly in refrigerator until batter is slightly firm to the touch. 

Butter molds with pastry brush and dust with flour.  Pipe into molds and bake for about 5 minutes until golden at 325. 

Swiss Meringue 

8 egg whites

500 gm sugar

Heat to 50-60 degree C, (120-140 F)  Whisk until cool, pipe.  Bake at 160-170 C  (300-325 F) for 1.5 hours 

Marble Pound Cake (Quatre Quart Marbre)

125 gm butter

180 gm sugar

3 eggs

300 gm flour

10 gm baking powder

100 gm milk 

Marble Effect:

30 gm cocoa

30 gm milk 

Prepare molds by buttering- wait for butter to firm. 

1.  Add butter.

2.  Add sugar (powdered)

3.  Add eggs, a little at a time

4.  Add sifted flour and baking powder.

  1. Mix in the milk.
  2. Separate the batter into three bowls in three equal parts.   One with cocoa, one with vanilla and one with orange zest and pink food coloring.
  3. Fill molds about ¾ full, alternating colors and flavors
  4. Using tip of knife marble the flavors without touching sides.



6 eggs

240 gm sugar

340 gm flour

340 gm melted butter


Lemon zest

Apricot glaze (nappage) 

Melt butter and let milk solids drift to the bottom.  Butter molds.  Turn upside down to allow butter to set and not pool in bottom. 

Sift flour. 

Combine eggs and sugar, add lemon zest and vanilla.  Whip to ribbon stage.  Lift to make mixture light and creamy. 

Fold in flour about 1/3 at a time.  Add butter slowly without adding milk solids.  Fill molds about ¾ full and bake in 325-350 degree oven for about 40 minutes or until done (clean toothpick). 

Turn out of pans immediately.  Place in cool place or refrigerator.  Make syrup with water and powdered sugar  and lemon juice.  Spread nappage over cake.  Glaze cakes when cool.  Set in refrigerator again.  Brush with sugar glaze when cool.  Set in oven for just a few moments to set sugar glaze.  Garnish with fresh berries as desired. 


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